Combination dies gives a perfect fit

There are many effects used in printing that can draw attention, add impact and make people want to pick up your product.

By using Combination dies, foil stamping and embossing are combined in one press pass. Not only does this save time on the press, but also means a perfect fit every time.

Although technology has advanced the process, foil-stamping and embossing is still a craft, where experience secure success in the final result.
Dreyer Kliche can guide you through what you can and cannot achieve with combination dies.

Our combination dies are CNC machined from the highest quality brass to ensure the best possible quality finish. 
Combination dies add a premium finish to your print and is available as a simple single-level and two-level emboss in many different shapes up to complex multi-level impression.

A skilful amalgamation of all our processes allows textures to be incorporated within the embossed detail in our Combination Dies.

Counterforces for the combination die can be specified in 0,3mm or 0,8 mm backing thickness.