Flat foil dies adds value and increase sales

Using a flat foil die to add a metallic hot stamping foil to your print provides a quality finish, that adds value and is proven to increase sales.

Several important factors determine whether magnesium or brass is the right material for your application.

Magnesium is a soft material and is best used on smaller areas with smoother papers and small runs. Magnesium should only be considered for non-repeating job.

Brass Flat Foil Dies are the perfect solution for medium to high volume jobs and excellent for repeating jobs.

We only use the highest quality of brass to ensure our customers receive Premium Dies.

Our Brass foil dies are resistant to wear and heavy use, with the last print as sharp as the first!

Brass dies - ideal for the engraving processes

The distinctive difference by the use of brass dies will raise your creative artwork to new levels. From simple designs to the most elegant creations imaginable, brass is the most creative choice.

Their excellent heat transfer enables precision results time after time for many thousands of impressions.

It can be used for both simple and complex images and surprisingly fine detail can be reproduced.

Dreyer Kliche has won the “Gold leaf award” for best use of foil, where brass dies was used in creating the finest and most detailed impressions possible.