Our JobSaver Plate / Baseplate significantly reduces the setup time. Especially for the job which is repeated. 

It is very efficient due to the fact that we fasten all the dies to one plate. You need to install only this one plate instead of fastening every single die on the honeycomb.

We can very accurately preposition foiling and embossing dies in the specific location in the customer file.
As you can imagine the saving in set up time is huge. 

We supply many of these JobSaver Plates / Baseplates around Europa mainly into the Packaging Industry.
This system is also known as the thin plate system in our industry.


Cost effective products

As a supplement to our JobSaver Plate / BasePlate, we can offer other time and cost saving products – our Pocket Tool and our Side-By-Side solution.

The Pocket Tool products have proven to be extremely popular with our customers due to the reduced set up time and the accuracy of registration it delivers. The downtime on the machine is greatly reduced.

Side-By-Side is another innovation that is very cost effective and delivers a higher relief finish than with a combination tool. It also delivers much finer detail in the embossing part than is achievable with a standard combination tool.

Additionally, as part of our supporting product range, we have created bespoke Dreyer Kliche branded Location Pins and a Location Pin Extractor.
Made in brass they are hard wearing, practical and a thing of beauty.

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