Espialle® – to increase brand identity

DREYER KLICHE is proud to be the first and only Cliche manufacturer to produce the Espialle®
An animated technology that can be used to increase brand identity, add levels of security, or give special attention to a product, without the need for a hologram.

You can use this technique for labels, packaging solutions, greeting cards, etc.
The DREYER Team have worked tirelessly to perfect this system which allows our customers to add image-changing foil to their packaging.

This innovative die is created with all the effects engraved into the die and therefore requires no special equipment to print.
Espialle® dies to add an exclusive and eye-catching look to the finished product and creates a brand awareness that increases sales.

Half Tone

Halftone foiling gives a completely unique effect.

Converting a photo to halftone is one of our later developments. it is truly impressive how fine details can be achieved with hot foil to a point where we can replicate photographic imagery in metallic, holographic and pigment effects. 

You can also combine different types of foil in the same image by foiling one on top of the other for added creativity.