Embossing dies stimulates the sense of touch

Let us raise your creative designs to new levels. From simple designs to the most elegant creations imaginable.

Embossing and Debossing dies can be used to create a beautiful tactile surface and destructive effect.

The die can be single-level or have multiple levels, depending on the desired level of detail and complexity of the design.

Embossing means that the image is raised up and out of the material and has a tactile feel on the raised area.
Debossing is exactly the opposite and means that the image goes down into the material.




Embossing is a special procedure where the surface area of the paper is pushed forward while utilizing an embossing die to create a raised image.

There are different types of shapes which can be achieved.

Our team of programmers have many years of experience in producing embossing brass dies and are able to match your exact specifications.


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to visualize your image and creation as 3D.

Send us your high resolution 4-color print with indication of area to be embossed, and we will return your image as a 3D simulation for your final approval.

To see the image on the screen gives you the confidence to proceed to production.

Many of our customers regularly use this tool to convey the look of the finished product to their clients.


Our Magnesium Single Level Emboss and Deboss Dies give our customers an alternative for shorter run and one off jobs.

Magnesium embossing and debossing dies is produced in single level only.